Readers' Favorite Recognizes “You’re Kidding, Right?” in its Annual International Book Award Contest

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Readers' Favorite is proud to announce that "“You’re Kidding, Right?”" by Brad Goldfarb won the Bronze Medal in the Non-Fiction - Retirement category.

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“You’re Kidding, Right?” Aims to Enlighten Investors Working Alongside Financial Advisors

You’re Kidding, Right? Oh No, Not Another Book on How to Make Money Investing in Stocks and Bonds (Fulton Books) by Brad Goldfarb, CIMA is no dry financial tome. It’s a very entertaining look at common and not-so-common misconceptions about investing. Goldfarb says that the book was originally created out of the humor he found in the things that his clients and prospects said to him or asked him. He just couldn’t believe some of them; hence, the title of the book.

It’s also a great guide for novice investors, and even for those more knowledgeable. As for me, I grew up primed to know all about money and investing. After all, my dad was a Certified Public Accountant, and my mom not only worked in my dad’s office for years but also worked in the investment department of a bank and did most of her own investing. Despite this, my eyes immediately glaze over whenever anyone talks about investing, stocks, bonds, equities, mutual funds and so on. It’s important, though, to understand these things so you can invest your money wisely and be ready for retirement, whenever it might come. And that’s where this book comes in.


You’re Kidding, Right? is written in clear language with a conversational and witty tone. The author states, “I think it is more important to just understand what things mean so you can use the knowledge in a practical way.” Not only do you get a great, easy-to-understand education in all things investing, but you’ll also remember it better thanks to the author’s humorous quips and anecdotes.

The book is divided into three sections:

Section 1: Behavioral Finance – Goldfarb explains what drives people’s behavior in the marketplace and why emotions and instincts are poor criteria on which to base financial decisions.

Section 2: Thirty-Five Years of Actual Quotes from Clients – Goldfarb addresses the many “you can’t make this up” questions and requests he’s gotten, from the merely clueless to the ridiculously ill-advised and everything in between.

Section 3: The Mystery Solved for Analysis and Investing – Goldfarb discusses his simple three-step formula for investing success, factors that affect risk, forecasting methods and much much more


It’s no spoiler to tell you that Goldfarb’s three key ingredients to successful investing are buying high quality, diversifying properly and being in it for the long term. That’s because he offers a lot of information and advice to help you use this formula correctly. Other key points include handling your investment portfolio like you would a business, looking for an advisor you understand and can relate to, having realistic expectations, being prepared for the downturns in the market, accepting the bad with the good and only taking the level of risk you can live with at the worst of times. 

Interested in knowing what your options are and what they can mean for you and your money? ETFs, mutual funds, reverse mortgages, bond funds, equity funds — Goldfarb explains it all. And Modern Portfolio Theory to boot. There’s a reason this is an award-winning book (most recently a 2021 Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal recipient.)

Bottom line: most people are going to need to become more financially literate if they hope to retire securely one day. Why not have fun while you’re learning about it? Armed with Goldfarb’s information and advice — plus a little calculated luck — You’re Kidding, Right? may one day have you laughing … all the way to the bank.

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